Fuel Injector Pump Repair & Installation Service

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If you have a machine with a diesel engine that part of that device is a fuel injection pump. A fuel injection pump is a device that pumps the diesel fuel into the cylinders of the diesel engine. When the fuel injection pump is working properly then the pump delivers fuel into the engine while controlling specific parameters such as injection timing and fuel atomization.
Over time your fuel injector pump can experience general wear and tear. Some common signs that your fuel injector pump is not functioning properly include:

  • Engine breakdowns
  • High-pitched sounds from the engine
  • Low fuel pressure
  • Problems accelerating

It is important that if you're experiencing any of the above issues that you contact an experienced diesel engine shop to make an appointment. Every fuel injector is geared toward a specific engine and is calibrated precisely to that engine's needs. The diesel experts at Harris Castille Inc. will be sure to diagnose the fuel injector pump problem and get the issue resolved quickly.
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